Personal Training

Hi, I am Ash, I am a highly qualified and motivational Personal Trainer. My one-to-one sessions take place in a Private personal training facility solely for trainers & their clients, which means no gym membership is required.

Personal Training is quicker to get results, safer and much more fun than working out by yourself!
Whether you’re starting out, need motivation or just need extra guidance with your current training, we work together to get you the results you need. Your fitness programme will be tailored specifically to you. We'll address everything from your exercise history and movement patterns to your lifestyle, preferences, motivation and stress, to ensure that you receive the most effective training for your goals and gain all the necessary support and encouragement to have fun along the way.

Fuelling your body right is a fundamental part of any effective health or fitness programme and I can offer standard nutritional advice (non-medical) or refer you to Audrey, our Nutritionist & Health Coach. We also share healthy/training tips & recipes (including pre-ports-work-out) on our Facebook and Instagram page, Follow us!


Fitness Goals

Weight Loss/Fat Loss
Build Muscle Mass
Core stability
Gain Confidence
Flexibility & Mobility
Postural Correction
Body Weight
Weight Training


Single session x 1 hour

£80 / session
or £40 / person if you bring a friend along!

Monthly Pack from £299

(Minimum 3 months investment)
£299 / month for 4 sessions (1 hour a week)
£569 / month for 8 sessions (2 hours a week)
£805 / month for 12 sessions (3 hours a week)


6 x 1 hour Pack = £450

(£30 savings)
Invest in your Health and start your journey!

10 x 1 hour Pack = £720

(£80 savings)
Training Plan, Standard Nutritional Advice (non-medical*)
+ Extra Bonus: FREE Health, Energy & Blood Sugar Assessment with our Nutritionist (worth £45)

15 x 1 hour Pack = £975

(£255 savings)
Customised Training Plan & Standard Nutritional Advice*
+ 2 Extra Bonuses: 20-Mins Massage (worth £30)
+ FREE Health, Energy & Blood Sugar Assessment with our Nutritionist (worth £45)


20 x 1 hour Pack = £1200

(£455 savings)
Fully Customised Training Plan & Standard Nutritional advice*

+ 2 Extra Bonuses: : 40-Mins Massage (worth £55)
+ FREE Health, Energy & Blood Sugar Assessment with our Nutritionist (worth £45).


No matter where you are, we offer one-to-one Fitness & Nutrition advice online
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“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.” – Wayne Dyer


To find out how YOU CAN kick-in your Fat Burning Mode, Tone Up, Get Stronger, Energised & Look Good or discuss about your fitness goals to identify what you want, where you are at and where you want to be, please fill in the form below to claim your FREE One to One Fitness Training Session with me. If you need a quote for Online Training Coaching Programmes, please send me a message via the form below. Speak soon!


Cancellation Policy: Should you need to cancel or reschedule your training session, please let me know the night before to avoid being charged. Please note that a different cancellation policy applies to Nutrition, Health coaching & Massage sessions.