Francesca Mcgourty’s Inspiring and Powerful Journey

weight loss london Fran has achieved Life changes (much more than just weight and inches loss!) after 24 Weeks on our Transformation Programme. She is such an inspiration and has powered through her own challenges with a positive, and determined attitude.

When I came to Audrey, I was feeling fat and miserable. I also suffered from headaches, migraines, acne, sweating on the face and cravings which was really getting to me. I felt lost with everything you see on social media. Working with Audrey has been a game changer. It has led to such a huge improvement in my life, in my mood, I feel so happier about myself, healthier and I have 4 times more energy, better concentration and a lot less fatigue. I’ve lost more than 10kgs without ever feeling hungry or deprived (having some treats and some wine!), I dropped 2 dress sizes and 6 cms waist circumference. I also learned to reward myself with “Me” time and do things I enjoy instead of use food as comfort. Audrey has supported me through stressful and emotional times. When I did used to feel low, I would binge eat. I am not an emotional eater anymore.

How did Fran achieve these results..
By following the programme and making small changes bit by bit, the weight and inches were slowly dropping off. It's not a quick fix or a diet, it’s healthy eating so it’s not shifting overnight but this is definitely the way to go for lasting results and I was prepared to take on that journey. Eating well is now a second nature to me. It also led to a huge reduction in acne and facial sweating which was embarrassing for me so this has also boosted my confidence.

Audrey discovered I had food intolerances. I eliminated dairy and massively reduced gluten. I actually didn’t find that too hard as there are lots of alternatives. Giving up Dairy has hugely helped with my headaches, migraines, acne and improved my quality of life.

I did think Audrey had her work cut out with me as I didn’t like cooking, love sugary foods and can be lazy, I also work all over and I can be on the move a lot, but with slow baby steps, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong things had to change, but it wasn’t as drastic as I had feared.

What I really liked about Audrey
The first meeting with Audrey we discussed, ‘Me’ and my whole lifestyle, not just food. I was embarrassed about how I had let things get this far but Audrey was really lovely and it was easy to open up to her. I’ll always remember when she said “Baby steps”. I feel this can be applied to so much in my life and it removes that overwhelming feeling when you feel like you have to tackle everything at once.

Audrey is always so positive and encouraging. She’s willing to work in a way that suits you. For example if I preferred texting then she would text and If I wasn’t comfortable or unsure on something she wouldn’t push me. It's always “my choice” with her guidance. I think it’s a fantastic approach as I wasn’t pushing back and it was all about how it would fit into my lifestyle and routine.

Any obstacle I needed to overcome Audrey is always there. I feel so comfortable asking Audrey any questions, even if I think they might sound stupid, she's always so happy to give the best advice possible.

nutrition coach london So glad I invested in myself, 400% worth it!

A huge thank you to Audrey for going above and beyond what I ever imagined I would get from a nutrition & health coach! Although I’ve achieved my initial goals, I will continue working with her to be the best version of myself for the future.


So that’s what I do:
- I LOVE helping women get clarity
- Cultivate self-care
- Learn how to work in harmony with their body (not against it), and
- Ultimately give them the secrets to sustain their weight (without deprivation and frustrations)
- Overall health
- And happiness in the long term.
If you are ready for this journey and get the body & life you want then I want to offer you the complete solution. If you’re not sure, there are other ways you can work with me.

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