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Weight Loss coach | London - Audrey

About Audrey

Nutrition, Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coach - Principal Massage Therapist In London

Born and raised in France, Audrey has always been passionate about healthy & active lifestyle. After 10 years in Investment Banking in Paris & London, she decided to dedicate her career to Massage Therapy, Nutrition and Fitness in setting up her own business in London. Audrey obtained the highest qualification in Massage in the UK and and subsequently qualified in Naturopathic Nutrition at CNM London, College of Naturopathic Medicine. In the meantime, she started Personal Training sessions with Ash and noticed how her own health, body shape and body composition had changed for the better. In 2013, Ash was officially joining the team to provide a complete approach to Optimum Health & Wellbeing!

To make a long-lasting difference to her clients, Audrey then trained as a Health Coach with Zest4life. Audrey embraces the Functional Medicine model within her practice, recognising the biochemical uniqueness of each client. She is continuously deepening her knowledge in attending seminars, courses, learning new techniques for the ultimate benefit of her clients.

Not only does Audrey strive for providing exceptional service and results with knowledgeable hands but she also does what she preaches!.

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About Ash

Highly qualified & Motivational Personal Trainer, Fitness Coach In London

Ash is a highly engaging and confident person with considerable experience within the wider framework of the fitness industry. Energetic and results-driven with proven experience in achieving effective results efficiently by working with passionate clients.
His career has taken him from a range of different fields - in Sweden, Hawaï and then London - such as Tennis, Wrestling, MMA, Gymnastics, Running and then into Crossfit. Constantly challenging himself to ensure to deliver highest level of service to his clients. Ash's passion and job is to help clients reach their goal while keeping it safe, challenging, fun and varied. Whether it's weight-loss, building lean muscle mass, gaining confidence, endurance, overall toning, or run faster he has worked with clients from all disciplines and helped them to achieve remarkable results..

.. "Visualise what you want, Believe in It and You will Attract everything you desire!" Ash & Audrey


What Our Clients Say…

"What has impressed me most about working with Audrey is her huge level of knowledge and the ability to apply it in a helpful, educational and non-judgemental manner. I've been working with her over the last few months and whilst I considered myself to be a fairly healthy person, with a decent level of knowledge about food / diet / exercise, there is so much more to be gained from getting the support of a professional like Audrey. Even when some of the things we've worked on / talked about have been challenging, I look forward to every one of my sessions and wish I had done this a long time ago. If anyone is wondering whether this would be for them and whether to invest in a programme with Audrey, I'd say definitely YES. It is money well spent!" - Liza Hammerton

"I booked a transformation programme with Audrey. Not only did I lose weight and lost my cravings, she was also able to help me with my thyroid issues. I feel much more energized and don't have a bad conscious eating anymore. I enjoy the food I cook and now make healthier choices every day and incorporate them permanently. Thank you Audrey for all your advice and positive encouragement Its been a pleasure to meet you!" - Deborah Hediger

suffered from headaches, migraines acne, "Since I’ve started with Audrey, I feel more in harmony with myself. It’s crazy to see that as soon as you start treating your body like someone you love then everything improves, energy, skin, weight, mood… I would never thanks her enough! Audrey is an amazing coach, she never judges you and gives you the keys for you to make your own path. Each person is different and she really respects that. If she feels you need time, she will respect it but equally never forgets about you. She’s really caring. I have a proper trust relationship with her and would recommend her my eyes closed as we say in French:-). Amongst the long list of big & little victories I've achieved so far.. reduced mood swings, boosted energy, real pleasure to eat healthy food, lost at least 2kg since (I learned it's not all about the scale!), glowing skin/less spotty, better sleep. Working on my life vision with Audrey has made me realised some amazing things about where I wanted to take my life". - Lea Sauer

Audrey has supported me through stressful and emotional times. "When I came to Audrey, I was feeling fat and miserable. I suffered from headaches, migraines, acne, Facial sweating and cravings. Working with her has been a game changer. It has led to such a huge improvement in my life, my mood, I feel so happier about myself, healthier and I have 4 times more energy, and better concentration. I’ve lost more than 10kgs without ever feeling hungry or deprived (having some treats & some wine!), I dropped 2 dress sizes and 6 cms waist circumference. I also learned to reward myself with “Me” time and do things I enjoy instead of use food as comfort. She has supported me through stressful and emotional times. So glad I invested in myself!" Read Fran Mc Gourty's Success story HERE

nutrition advice and now coaching, "I have seen Audrey for over 2 years now, initially for massage, then nutrition advice and now coaching, I have always had a great experience and the coaching in particular has helped me a lot to become clearer about my priorities in life and how I can achieve these. Audrey has been super supportive in so many ways, making even tiny steps count, which has and continuous to be very encouraging. I can thoroughly recommend her. - Ellen Nolte

working with audrey was extremely beneficial "Working with Audrey was extremely beneficial, it made me understand how much proper nutrition can affect ,not only how I look and how I feel, but also other aspects of my life. She helped me realize how small changes in my daily life can bring big changes in my mindset. Before, I used to constantly feel tired and demotivated. I was feeling guilty for not taking care of my body but I was doing nothing to solve the pb, hiding behind excuses. I began to feel better since week 1. I never felt hungry, I actually ate more and was still losing weight! I loved the fact that behind her advice there was a scientific explanation. Now I feel full of energy, I feel so much better in my clothes but more importantly I feel confident and in control. Audrey is a very good listener, making you feel comfortable,like talking to a friend. Giving priority to your health actually means giving priority to yourself. Feeling better in your body can change the way you live everyday and this brings all sort of positive life changes." - Eva Magnisali

"Audrey is an amazing all round health coach. Not only does she give incredible deep tissue & sports massage but she always gives you lots of holistic tips on how to improve your health and fitness while you have your session. I've been going to her regularly for over a year and wouldn't go to anyone else!." - Claire Mas

fantastic masseuse with an incredible ability to ease muscular tension "I've been working with Audrey for over a year now. She is a fantastic masseuse with an incredible ability to ease muscular tension. She has helped repair me after various injuries and she always has a smile for you. Whether you need to be repaired or just relaxed - go to see Audrey." - Rory Fleck Byrne

audrey is a 5 start therapist "I've had regular sessions with Audrey and she is a 5* therapist. I suffered from severe muscular aches & pain in my neck & shoulders, but thanks to her techniques, stretches and lifetyle advice, not only the tension has disappeared but my sleeping has improved!!" - Andres Martin Lopez

"Audrey is a masseuse goddess! I am currently 39 weeks pregnant and have had two massages with her (and going again next week) - both sessions were amazing and I only regret not having done this earlier. The atmosphere is great, I've never had a more relaxing massage before and it also reduced my discomfort substantially. Highly recommend it!" - Zornitza Yovcheva

"Such a wonderful experience - Audrey was really kind, welcoming and knowledgable. She really put me at ease and the massage itself was incredibly good and relaxing, I could really feel a difference afterwards. Would highly recommend!"
- Lianne Albers

"I came out feeling like I had a new pair of shoulders! Just the right amount of pleasurable pain... Audrey has magic in those hands!"
- Katie Whitehead

"Amazing Pregnancy Massage, lots of tips on healthy living plus a fantastic treatment. Recommended!!"
-Johanna Nordin
"Fantastic Deep Tissue Massage. Audrey was brilliant – she took the time to listen and suggested follow-up exercises & lifestyle changes to prevent the problem happening again."
​- Vicky

"I've been lucky enough to find Audrey who has helped me countless times with my persisted back issues. Always amazing caring and attentive service in a professional manner. The best massage therapist I've had in years - I would highly recommend!!"
- Boryana

More Recent Testimonials

lost 8 kg of overall body fat "I have lost 8kg of overall body fat since I started to work with Ash for close to a year now. I've had several Personal Trainers before but none that measured up to his motivational skills and expertise."
​-Ellen Nolte

"When I first started, I was a complete mess. With a long list of complaints, I wasn’t on the right path to being the person I wanted to be. Now after just 6 months, I truly feel like a new person. Happier, healthier and have seen the knock on effect in areas of my life I'd never have expected. The first step of getting in touch was definitely the biggest for me, but from that moment onwards Audrey & Ash have made the journey an absolute pleasure. They have both gone over and above what they needed to do. This hasn't been an easy task but they made it easy. They've transformed me mentally and physically. I'm grateful to have come across two inspiring people with so much knowledge and kindness. I believe we'd all benefit from a little bit of Ash and Audrey in our lives. - Ben Thomas

my blood pressure, weight and daily energy levels have improved ​​​​​​​
"I started working with Audrey and Ash out of concern for my long term health, and although we have only been working together for 6 months, it has already been an amazing transformation. I have a complex medical history, which they have both taken time to understand and help me improve aspects of my wellbeing that medical doctors wouldn't take seriously. Thanks to personal training from Ash and nutritional advice from Audrey, I have come off of numerous, long term medications with no adverse side effects, my blood pressure, weight and daily energy levels have improved tremendously and my sense of wellbeing as skyrocketed. I would recommend anyone who is serious about improving their health and wellbeing"
​- Rebecca Magnus

"I started a 3 months Nutrition & Training programme with Audrey & Ash a few weeks ago and I can already feel and see a difference in terms of energy levels, weight, shape and confidence!!I am so busy with no time to cook so Audrey always makes it as easy and practical as possible. I was spending a lot of time doing cardio at the gym before training with Ash and not getting the shape I wanted. Never thought I’d lift weights (and my own body weight!:-) .. but it really works and is a super confidence booster!! I wish I had met these 2 lovely people years ago:-) "


Audrey’s Qualifications

Health Coach, and Weight Loss Coach with Zest4life
Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition - CNM London, College of Naturopathic Medicine
Certificate in Natural Skincare, CNM
Course in Juicing for Health, CNM
BTEC Diploma Level 5 in Sports Injury & Remedial Massage - Essentials for Health, School of Massage.
Master class in Deep Tissue - Essentials for Health, School of Massage.
ITEC Diploma Level 3 in Holistic Massage and Anatomy & Physiology - Essentials for Health, School of Massage.
Pregnancy Massage, St Marys University
Ayurvedic Facelift Massage, Ayurveda Institute of Europe
Hot & Cold Stones Accredited diploma, Gateway London
First Aid Certification, HSE approved, Gateway London
Member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) and registrered with Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).
Listed on Nutritionist Resource

Ash’s Qualifications

Crossfit Level 1 London
Crossfit Mobility & Movement
Crossfit JC
Nutritional Advice Level 3
Advanced Personal Trainer Level 3
Gym Instructor Level 2, YMCA Fitness Industry Training
Certified Health & Safety & Measurement
Certified Tennis Trainer Level 1
Member of Reps, the Register of Exercise Professionals.

audrey is a fitness coach in london diploma in naturopathic nutrition
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