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We specialise in Nutrition, Weight Loss, Lifestyle Coaching, Massage and Fitness. Discover how you can transform your physical and mental well-being.

Do any of these sound like YOU...?

I often have cravings and energy dips
I feel bloated and/or uncomfortable after certain foods
I have tried everything and nothing works!
I know what I should be doing but I don’t do it
I train hard at the gym but I don’t see results
I have trouble falling asleep or keep waking up
I feel overwhelmed, negative thinking holds me back!
Don’t tolerate poor health, low energy and everyday stress!


Nutrition, Weight Loss, Mindset, Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle coaching | London I work with busy professionnals who want to Feel & Look Amazing, Regain their Energy, Reach their ideal weight in a natural, practical and sustainable way.

Massage Therapy

London Massage ..Massage is a great way to relieve Stress & Muscle Tension, improve posture, support your training, improve joint mobility & range of motion​. Audrey

Fitness / Tailored Training Programme

Lifestyle Fitness | London .. Whether you’re starting out, need motivation or just extra guidance with your current training, we work together to get the results you want. Ash

"We believe that the best Investment you will ever make is in Yourself": your Mind, your Body and your Soul . You have only one body to live in. If you shift your mindset ,you can get pretty much everything you want in life".

Frequently Asked Questions

What can Nutritional Therapy & Health Coaching do for me?

Nutritional Therapy (NT) can help clients with almost any kind of symptoms, health conditions and health goals. I tend to work with busy professionals who are experiencing sugar cravings, low energy, bloating, tiredness, poor sleep, stress/anxiety, loss of tone and excess body fat. However I also see lots of clients with digestive (IBS, Candida, ...), hormonal (PCOS, Hypothyroidism...), arthritic, (auto)Immune, skin conditions, and more.‎ Whilst we will inspire you living a happy & healthy lifestyle with our "SUPER HEALTH PRINCIPLES" which are applicable for almost all of us; the rest is totally tailored to you, your needs, goals and circumstances. There is no ‘one size fits all’. Simply put, NT is the "knowing what you can do" and Coaching is the "doing/figuring out how" and "sticking to it" part of the health plan. READ MORE

Do you offer Online Training‎ Coaching Programmes?

Yes we do!‎ There are different formulas depending on your needs. It usually requires a minimum of 3 months commitment (monthly payment). A shorter duration is possible however it is usually not as efficient or cost effective. Why don't you book your Complimentary Fitness Training Session with Ash to chat and see if this is right for you? Claim my Session HERE.

Can I pay Online?
Yes you can and we usually kindly request our clients to pre-pay online either via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

How long does it take to get results?

Well, we usually say that "it takes 3 weeks to break a old habit, 6 weeks to create a new habit and up to 36 weeks to make the new habit part of our lifestyle". It depends what are your goals, where you are at and where do you want to be, how consistent you are at implementing the good habits, what are your activity levels, how committed your are towards your Health, Nutrition and Fitness‎, whether you are under medication or not and so on. Anyway you probably get what we mean by now, we are ALL unique- not only in our genes but also in our mindset - so it varies! However what we can say is that although you can feel improvements in just a few days with us, most of our clients see and feel significant improvements at the 3 months mark and longer. All of our Services, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching and Fitness reflect this approach. Transforming your health, your body, shifting your mindset and therefore your Life for the better is about changing your Lifestyle in a way and at a pace that is right for you!! This is all we will coach you WITH LOVE at OXY! x

What if I need a different Health & Nutrition programme than the 3 Core Programmes?

At OXY Therapy, every single session or programme is exclusively customised to your needs and designed to allow you to achieve your goals in a style and pace that is right for you. So our programmes are likely to suit you, however we can totally discuss about a different bespoke programme just for you. Next step: just book your free 30 mins health & nutrition session with Audrey HERE.

Can I pay Online?
Yes you can and we usually kindly request our clients to pre-pay online either via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Can I Book a Nutrition & Health Programme even if I don't like the gym or exercise?

Of course you can!! Health is not about going to the gym everyday, there are so many other ways to exercise. However we encourage all our clients to move daily - even baby steps like walking! Why don't you Book a free chat with Audrey and discover more about what's right for you?

Can I pay Online?
Yes you can and we usually kindly request our clients to pre-pay online either via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

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