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Sparkle your January and give yourself the best start to kill your cravings,
boost your energy, reduce bloating and feel lighter (and even lose some weight!)

Launching 31 January 2019

Are you ready to commit to feeling the best you in 2019?
A you that’s full of energy, fired up, feeling healthier and lighter and more in control mentally and physically?

Welcome, January Bliss is an online course specially designed to help you make the small, actionable changes that will set you up for feeling and looking good in January - and beyond!– without deprivation.

You are perfect as you are, but when you take responsibility and action in thiscourse you can expect to really get your glow back. We are all about long-term health and body confidence, and living life to the full, right?!

For successful business women on the go, Christmas can be stressful. The festive office parties, tempting foods and drinks, and pressures of deadlines and family can all add up to a general feeling of excess and exhaustion.

Just take a deep breath and relax as I have the solution for you right here!​​​​​​

January Bliss Unboxed

4 modules designed to take you through what you need to do and what you need to know over the first few weeks of 2019!

A ready-to-implement health & nutrition action plan to:
Kick those cravings out of your life
Get your energy levels through the roof
Beat the bloat and reduce digestive discomfort
Feel lighter (and even lose some weight!)

The nutritional and lifestyle guidance is also designed to help reset your metabolism.
The result? You’ll go into January – and 2019 - with more vitality than you’ve had in years, feel empowered to take full power back on your health.


You might also experience the following side-effects:
clearer skin, reduced mood swings, reduced PMS,less food reactions,
losing fat especially around the tummy, reduced brain fog and a few more sorry!...

Yes! I want to sign up now.

Here's how it's going to work...

  • The nutritional guidance only refers to real, clean, whole foods – nothing weird that you can’t get from regular supermarkets. No calorie counting, no food weighting, no starving, no juicing detox.
  • Guided task sheets at the end of each module so you focus on what you need to do next
  • Quick, easy, simple meal and snack ideas for business women on the go.
  • Flexible meal planner, recipes, shopping list for you to plan ahead.
  • Everything is digital so you can access videos& documents from your phone, tablet or laptop (and download them to work on it off-line if you wish)
  • You’ll get your own login details to access the course anytime and complete on the go to suit your busy schedule.
  • A 20mins-laser coaching guidance from Nutrition coach and Wellness Expert Audrey Archambault to keep you accountable throughout the programme (Zoom or what’s app)
  • We’re officially launching on 31 January 2019.

Make sure you sign up by 31 December 2018 so you get the course at the pre-launch price (£95) instead of £157 as of 31 January 2019.
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Access any time

Yours anytime, anywhere, whenever suits your schedule.


January Bliss resources include videos, PDF handouts, task sheets at the end of each modules,
flexible meal planner, delicious quick easy recipe and snacks.

1:1 Coaching

1:1 laser coaching session of 20 Mins with an experienced wellness coach, to help you track your progress and overcome any obstacles

Not another 'diet'

Make it happen the healthy sustainable way. Create the transformation.



I am Audrey, a Wellness Coach for Busy Executives & Entrepreneurs like YOU who are fed up of feeling tired, stressed, unhappy with their weight, bloated and out of sync to take their full power back so that they can look and feel good in their own skin, boost their energy levels, reduce stress, be healthier and reach their happy weight.
Oh and I am also a Nutrition, Weight Loss, Life Coach, NLP Coach with a few more certifications and a Fitness Enthusiast who loves Massage😊

I can offer you the COMPLETE SOLUTION!
I look forward to seeing you feel empowered to be best you that you can be for 2019!

See you on the other side!

Are you joining us?
We officially launch 31 January 2019

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