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Nutrition & Health Coaching Programmes (online)

Are You Ready and Committed to Take Your Full Power Back on your Health?

Don’t keep putting it off, YOU DESERVE IT!!

In most cases, we find that clients need 3-6 months+ to implement changes step by step, at their pace, and notice the best results in a sustainable way to build healthier habits for Life and stick with it!

Each program is tailored to your individual needs and preferences, offering on-going support and accountability every step of the way. You commit to take full responsibility and ownership to do the work however I guarantee you my FULL support to help you turn your goals into reality.

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This 6-8 week programme is For You KICK START PROGRAMME

This 6-8 week programme is For You If You want to:
Quit Sugar Cravings
Boost your energy throughout the day and reduce tiredness,
Learn simple and practical strategies to re-educate your body naturally
Start Improving your overall energy, mood, and well-being
Start creating new healthy habits that can contribute to long term health improvements

This Programme typically involves:
1 Initial Consultation with Health, Lifestyle & Energy Assessment, Food Diary Review
Personalised nutrition & lifestyle plan, with drug & nutrient interactions evaluation (if applicable)
Clinical tests & supplements recommendations (if applicable)
A minimum of 2 Follow ups sessions providing knowledge, practical strategies and coaching for you to implement changes
Educational pack with Healthy Plate / Proportions guidelines, pantry, food shopping & meal planning guidance, recipes, Healthy Snacks, pre & post work-out guidance & more
Email / What's app support for quick questions / straight forward clarification in between sessions

Investment: starts from £600. Payment plan available. Check with your Private Medical Insurance as they may cover part of it.
We do offer 10% OFF supplements. The cost of clinical testing or supplements (if applicable) is excluded.
Sessions are hosted virtually on Zoom (video conference).



WThis Programme involves working at a deeper level where we'll look at the root of any Health issues, Your Wellness/Life Vision and Your Goals. To create a sustainable change and achieve results we need to work together over a period of time; a ‘one-off’ appointment is unlikely to help you make the difference in the long term. My most successful clients work with me for about 6-12 months depending on what they want to achieve, what comes their way in Life from a physical and emotional perspective and the time needed for any tests / re-tests, fine-tuning of the food & lifestyle plan. However we can totally start with an initial 12-16 week period.

This Plan is For You If You want to:
Quit Sugar Cravings, Boost your Energy & Mood Levels
Learn What to eat/drink, When, How, Why, How much and Where to find healthy alternatives (even if you are a frequent traveller or don't like cooking!)
Reach your Ideal Weight and improve your Body Composition without "Dieting" in a healthy, simple & sustainable way
Find out why you can't seem to loose (stubborn) weight, what you might have missed and get a road-map to follow step by step from there!
Transition to or Become a "Healthy" Vegetarian or Vegan
Enjoy a long-term flexible way of eating that fits in your busy life and include chocolate & red wine without feeling guilty!!!
Reset Your Gut Health, Improve your Sleep, Manage Your Stress / Anxiety levels, Balance Emotions / Hormones, and so much more
Understand How Your Body Works, Increase Confidence & Self-Esteem
Be Free from Emotional Eating, Create Powerful Empowering Beliefs, Shift Your Mindset and Live the Happy Life You Really Want
Address a specific medical condition such as Gut, Thyroid, or Joint related
Re-take control of your health by creating new healthy habits that you love & long-term strategies that keep you on track!

This Plan typically involves:
Initial Consultation with Goals Setting and In-depth health, food diary & lifestyle assessment
Personalised nutrition & lifestyle plan, with drug & nutrient interactions evaluation (if applicable)
Clinical tests / Supplements recommendations and Test Results Interpretation (if applicable)
Follow up / Coaching Sessions to get you closer from your goals a little bit more every time, keep up with momentum and accountability
Complete Educational pack with Video Tutorials, Your Healthy Life Plan booklet to optimise your programme, Healthy Plate / Proportions guidelines, Recipes, Food Shopping & Meal plan guidance, Core Food Plan, Healthy Snacks, Regular Food Diary Reviews, Pre & Post Work-out guidance, Wide range of Coaching Tools, Access to Online Resources
Email / What's app support for quick questions / straight forward clarification in between sessions

Investment: starts from £997 depending on level of support. Payment plan available.
Check with your Private Medical Insurance as they may cover part of it.
We do offer 10% OFF supplements. The cost of clinical testing or supplements (if applicable) is excluded.
Sessions are hosted virtually on Zoom (video conference) or What's App, whatever is easier for you on the day.


VIP PROGRAMME - Full Body & Mind Transformation

This VIP Fully Customised Body & Mind Transformation Programme is designed for Busy professionals who desire the best of my wealth of knowledge and treat themselves as a first class with a dedicated coach to Optimise their Performance and Reach their Health & Life goals whilst focusing on their professional commitments. The length and the format of the program vary depending on your schedule, goals and preferences but will typically start with an initial 12-16 week period to create a sustainable change and really make an impact in the long run. Support can be daily if desired.

This Programme is For You If You want to:
Optimise your Stamina, Energy levels and Skyrocket your Performance by learning what to eat & drink, how, when, and how much
Work smarter, Focus for longer by learning to eat healthier no matter how busy you are and where you are
Manage Your Stress & Anxiety Levels down, Improve Your Sleep, or any other health condition
Experience a Full Body & Mind Transformation
Get the results YOU desire NOW by hiring a dedicated Coach who has your back but also call you out on your little stories when needed!

This Programme typically involves:
The “Transformation Programme”
Highly Flexible High End Support such as for example: Last minute Lazer coaching / Mini-calls, Daily texts, Food & Beauty & Health online shopping, NLP coaching & Time Line Therapy, Initiation to meditation, Meal planner for you & your family, organising catered food delivery, pantry make-over ... You name it!

BONUS: Discounts on upcoming online Group programmes or Free Discovery call about Tailored Fitness programming (subject to avaibility).

Investment: Book your Free Discovery Call and we’ll design a program that fit your busy lifestyle (including travels) and any specific requirements.



The fastest way to get anywhere is to have a strategy that is tailored to you. Our very first consultation will last up to 75 minutes so that I can take a timeline of Health & Life events, get crystal clear about goals and expectations. This will allow us to create the most effective plan to help you reach your goals and will help me understand what may be blocking you physically, mentally and emotionally too.

We'll decide what level of support you need and this means we may speak via Zoom Video Conference weekly, bi-weekly or monthly for approximately 45 minutes. This is where the magic happens. We'll refine the actions required to support your body. For some people, it might require to dive deeper into the inner work to create transformational shifts at a body and mind level.

Just knowing what to do is not always enough. I want my clients to know that I have their back. This means that each week I will ask you to check in via email or What's App. This is to hold you accountable to specific actions (e.g. send a nutrition log, exercise log, written reflection homework) but sometimes we just need some cheerleading and moral support when life gets tough - I am here for you!

There are no results without action. When you work with me I will hold you to a high standard which means you follow through on your commitments. After each coaching call we will agree on reasonable actions to be completed by our next call. That's how you fast-track your results.

*Bonus subject to avaibility communicated to you after your free discovery call and upon request.
**3 weeks Kangen Water Trial can be organised if we live near each other or if i can recommend you a provider local to you. this can be organised globally so location is not a pb.


Online Services You Can Add-on to Your Programme:

Health Testing Tailored Fitness & Gymnastics Programme Time Line Therapy/NLP Food
Labelling Crash Course
Kitchen Clear-out (in person or remote) VIP online Shopping
Massage / Stretching / Mobility session in Aix en Provence Stretching / Mobility session in Aix en Provence Online Group Programmes Personnalised Food
Shopping Session (in person or remote)



To find out which program is right for you, discuss about your current challenges, where you are at, identify what you really want and where you want to be, BOOK your Free 30-Mins Discovery call by clicking the "BOOK NOW" button on top of this page. My free slots are very limited so if you don't see any time that suit you, please fill in your details below and I'll revert within 24 hours. You can also use the form below to tell me more about what's bothering you.

Sessions are hosted on Zoom video conference, or What's app is preferred, so location is not a problem.

With Love,
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