Give yourself the best start to get a leaner body, flatter tummy, find your "Happy Weight" (and stick to it!), cut the cravings, boost your energy so that you can start feeling better + more confident in your own skin!


Are you ready to go back on track and feel even better for the next few weeks of 2020?
A version of you that’s feeling energised, healthier, lighter and more in control mentally and physically?


Personalised Weekly Email Support & Accountability is a much lighter budget & commitment option than my 1:1 Coaching Programmes or Single Session where you get personalised Nutrition & Health guidance from me once a week by email.

This online support is specifically designed to help you make the small, actionable changes that will set you up for feeling and looking even better Post-Lockdown, for the next 6 months of 2020 and beyond! – WITHOUT deprivation, counting calories or cooking for hours.

You are perfect as you are, but when you take responsibility and action with my email support you can expect to really get your glow back. I am all about simple and practical solutions, long-term results and healthy habits, in a style that works for you.

For busy women like YOU always running around, feeling and looking your best is really challenging, especially on the back of a worldwide lockdown! The lockdown sedentary lifestyle throwing previous routines out of the window, working from home with tempting foods and drinks, kids & husbands at home for some and the unsettling nature of this strange first half of the year all added up to a general feeling of stress, anxiety and exhaustion.

Have you experienced weight gain, extra stress & anxiety, back & neck issues, sleep disruption, wonky hormones, lack of motivation & routine in the past few months?
You're not alone!

Just take a deep breath and relax as I have a solution for you right here!​​​​​​

Personalised Email Support & Accountability Unboxed

4 components that make my online support like no other:


A mini step-by-step approach and drip feeding designed to take you through what you need to do and what you need to know over the next few weeks of 2020 and beyond!

A ready-to-implement health & nutrition action plan to:
Kick those cravings out of your life
Get your energy levels through the roof
Beat the bloat and reduce digestive discomfort
Feel calmer and lighter (and even lose some weight ! )
Help reset your metabolism

The results? You’ll go into the second part of 2020 - with more vitality than you’ve had in years, feel empowered to take full power back on your health.


Over time, you might also experience the following side-effects:
better sleep, less stressed and anxiety, reduced PMS/Irritability/Mood swings, less food reactions
losing fat especially around the tummy, clearer skin, and a few more sorry!...

Yes! I want to sign up now.

Here's how it works ...

  • Once you sign up you will be sent a comprehensive questionnaire within 24 hours. Upon reception of your completed questionnaire, you will get your first weekly email guidance within 3 working days. This is when you can ask clarification.
  • You get your weekly priorities and/or mini-challenges to complete so you are always on track, know what to do and when.
  • You get drip fed guidance on nutrition, natural supplements if needed, exercise, other lifestyle factors.
  • Private Coaching sessions, customised exercise programming & coaching, Full meal planner & recipe e-Books, Reboot Challenge Meal Plan, video tutorials, Your Healthy Life Plan 34 page booklet, and Functional Test costs + test results analysis are not included but can be purchased as add-ons.
  • You can upgrade to any service anytime or buy add-ons below to fast-track your results and get extra support or coaching to overcome challenges
  • Everything is digital so you can access videos& documents from your phone, tablet or laptop (and download them to work on it off-line if you wish)
  • Before the end of your membership, we will schedule a 15 mins follow up call to discuss the next steps of your journey!
  • I'm BANT & CNHC registrered so if you currently resides in the UK your Private Medical Insurance may cover part of it.
  • For Gift Vouchers, please state the name and contact details of the person you wish to offer it to in the payment form (and tell me if you want to include a special message on the Voucher). Once online payment is completed, the e-Gift voucher will make its way to you within 1 working day!

. .



1:1 Personalised guidance

1 Personalised email a week (or What'sApp as and when requested /appropriate) with an expert: ME! to hold you accountable and guide you step by step

NO 'fad diet' approach!

Real, clean, whole foods – nothing weird that you can’t get from regular supermarkets. No calorie counting, no food weighting, no starving, no juicing detox. Make it happen the healthy way. Creating small healthy habits every day for long term results.


This is a drip feeding approach so that you only focus on priorities of the week and don't get overloaded /distracted by too much info. Thus you'll be provided with appropriate resources when needed that can include handouts, cheat sheets, sample meal planner, shopping list and delicious quick easy recipes +snacks.

Members benefits

1- Partial refund if you sign up to any of my coaching programmes within 30 days of starting your membership!!
2- Unlimited Referral discounts (up to £75 OFF for each friend you refer). Click here for full T& C of our refer a friend scheme.
3- Unlimited Add-ons below at reduced fee for the duration of your membership




-> Pay as you go 1:1 Private Coaching Sessions at reduced fee for members.
-> Your "Healthy Life Plan" 34-page booklet +Tutorial video on how to use it to give you a range of exercises & development tools to facilitate a deeper and more sustainable transformation: £15.
->Recipe eBooks from 9£
->Your Personalised online Exercise Programme: Book your Free discovery call here for quote.




I am Audrey, Certified Nutritional Therapist & Health Coach. I am a Leaner Body Coach, Cravings & Energy Specialist.

(and also a Crossfitter, Ex-banker who loves Massage, Wine & Chocolate!)

I help busy women Find their "Happy" Weight (and keep it off!), Get Leaner, Flatter Tummy, Boost Energy and Cut the Cravings - WITHOUT counting calories, depriving themselves or cooking for hours - so that they can feel Good + Confident in their own skin once and for all!

The way I achieve this is by using a Mind & Body approach, my personal experience and years of experience combining Nutritional Therapy, Health Coaching & Functional Medicine Principles but also NLP, Time Line Therapy, Sports Therapy, Kinesiology (FDN) as appropriate.

These women usually come to me when they are fed up with feeling tired, bloated, craving sugar, out of balance, unhappy with their weight or "fat belly" and want a Leaner Body, Flatter tummy and Feel Good in their Own Skin, Confident and Energised - all in a healthy and sustainable way creating healthier habits for Life. The way I work is all about simple & practical solutions to help you achieve your Health & Lifestyle goals in a style and at a pace that is right for YOU!

I am here every step of the way for support & accountability!

See you on the other side!

Audrey xx

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