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It is TIME TO FEEL GOOD + CONFIDENT IN YOUR OWN SKIN. There has never been a better time than NOW!

-Are you TIRED of feeling Tired?
- Do you have cravings and energy dips?
- Do you often feel stressed or anxious?
- Do you often feel bloated / uncomfortable after certain foods?
- Have you tried everything but nothing works?
- Do you know what you should be doing but are just not doing it?
- Are you gaining Weight or finding it hard to lose?
- Do you often self-sabotage yourself?
- Do you feel overwhelmed, stuck or confused?

If you answered β€œYES” to any of the above, I know what you need and I have the SOLUTION you are looking for…

Hey, I'm Audrey!
I am a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach. I am also a Life Coach and NLP / Time line Therapy practitioner. Oh and I am a Crossfiter who loves Massage, Wine & Chocolate😊

I help driven women find their "happy" weight , boost their energy levels and beat cravings (WITHOUT counting calories or cooking for hours) so that they can feel Good + Confident in their Own Skin

I combine my personal experience, along with Nutritional Therapy, NLP /Time Line Therapy, Sports Therapy, Kinesiology, Functional Medicine Principles, and Health Coaching to support women just like YOU who are ready for a change and committed to make it happen!

These women usually come to me when they are fed up with feeling tired, bloated, unhappy with their weight and want to Look & Feel Good in their Own Skin, Find their Happy weight (and sustain it!), Boost their Energy levels, and Be Healthier + Happier - all in a natural and sustainable way creating healthier habits for Life. The way I work is all about simple & practical solutions to help you achieve your Health & Life goals, and beyond, in a style and at a pace that is right for YOU!

And VISUALISE how you would feel, how you would look, who would you be with, what would you wear, what would you do and how would your LIFE CHANGE once you find a solution to whatever have been bothering you for far too long ... You would feel amazing, confident, happy, healthier and more in control, right?

THIS IS what I love helping all my clients with…

So, I have an Invitation For You!
>>Apply for your Complimentary 30-Mins Discovery call with me and discover how I can help you to Feel good in your own skin and Create a Body & a Life You Are In Love with and of course see if we are a good fit☺<<

What you will get:
A 1:1 Nutrition, Health, Coaching call to uncover where you are at, what you truly want and where you want to be
Your Health & Energy score with immediate priorities
My Top 3 recommendations to implement and feel boosted better right away

Don’t tolerate poor health, low energy, and misalignment - YOUR Life is too precious for this.
Let me help you achieve the Health & Life you deserve!

If you are ready for a Transformational Exciting Journey and get the Body & Life you are in alignment with then I can offer you the COMPLETE SOLUTION. Just pre-book your Free Call below and you will be sent a link

Lots of loveπŸ’ž

Apply below or Pre-Book your FREE call by clicking the"book now" button at the top of this page. My free spaces are limited however if you don't see any slots that could be suitable for you (especially if you are based abroad and have significant time difference), please email me and I'll revert within 24 hours.
Sessions are available via Skype/Zoom and What's app (Video conference or call, whatever is easier for you on the day), so location is not a problem.

With Love,


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