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Join us and our collective of online freedom entrepreneurs to create a life of more Health, Wealth & freedom.
The future is online.
All you need is a burning desire to create a life you love, a Laptop💻 + a phone📲


Last December, I watched a video about a Holistic business online that aligned with my vision, my values and the support I needed to grow my biz online. It has truly changed the course of my “life-style” (business). I immediately joined this tribe of online Freedom Entrepreneurs. My partner & I have been writing the next chapter of our life in Bali & Thailand since… 😎Bye Bye London

So, What Do I Do? Why Do I do It?

I basically get paid to grow into the best version of myself and help others do the same so that they can heal, feel good in their own skin and create a life they don’t need a holiday from!

This Holistic Health online business has been creating extra revenue streams so that I can serve more people in a bigger way, fund my wildest dreams and give back to projects that matter! I often share about it because this has also helped many people around the globe to create a life of more wealth, more health, more time, more freedom.

Everyone can do it so YOU CAN DO IT TOO … but this business is not for everyone

So, is this for you?

If you are ready and committed to set up your own online business, grow and scale your existing online business or start something different and meaningful online - whether it's part time (from 1 hour a day) or full-time,
If you value health, freedom, your personal growth, making a bigger impact, love and connection, serving and contributing as opposed to taking,
If you are done with trading time for money, with living a life you don’t feel fulfilled with,

Then you might be interested to watch the same video…

Would love to chat if you are, message me or book here.

We can also meet up in Bangkok, online or somewhere else in the world😊

🛑❌😬PS: Side effects are…

~Real impact on health, the planet and sustainability
~You can work with who you want, when you want
~High Vibe community with Lots of love and support
~You may be the most fulfilled you’ve ever been
~You can create more freedom and abundance to do the things you’ve always wanted
~You help others on the way

Clint + Kristy


Back in September 2017 Kristie and I really launched our business.

We where sick of being broke business coaches trying to make it in a tough world of a lot of other business coaches trying to do the same. After an event in Vancouver last August Kristie and I put everything on the line, even though we where broke and trekked over to the other side of the world for an event.

An event that changed our life forever.

Regular people with no previous marketing, sales or experience doing 6, and 7 figures within their first 12 months. In only 12 months. Those results are normally unheard of... Most people Never make it online!

Super inspired we created and modelled this platform and launched it here in Oz, and NZ 🙂

7 months later we have created a culture where doing 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k and beyond months within their first few months online is the ‘normal’ which is awesome!

We went from being:

  • Broke 12 months ago to a 7 figure earner
  • Not being able to afford rent to living in a penthouse and travelling the world
  • Feeling alone on this journey to having a tribe and community of people that also choose to live a fuck yes life
  • Being stressed, missing important occasions due to no time to now doing what we want / when we want
  • Wanting so badly to creating our vision to now standing on stage in front of 500 people sharing our story.
  • Afraid of what others think of us to now not giving a "f"

However what really excites us is that we have 1000 people and growing by the hundreds who constantly feed their mind. They chose to create their reality. They work on themselves just as much as their business. And they grow, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially. They give back and always willing to help each other.

Super grateful for every one of our team, we’ll never really know the impact we are making but we know it’s huge and it will continue to grow! We are just getting warmed up.



“Life has changed dramatically since this business...
I was super time poor before... living dollar to dollar.

I would stand at petrol bowser, knowing I had exactly $17 in my account and carefully watch the gauge go up to get exactly $17 on the dot of petrol. I had to choose between my daughter doing swimming or gymnastics, because we couldn’t afford to allow her to do both.

Although I had a network marketing income and a full-time job income, I needed to boost my income IMMEDIATELY to change our circumstances – as a single mum of four, I didn’t have five years to wait. I needed instant success, something that was flexible and could be done from anywhere and was really, truly time leveraged.

I was juggling building a network marketing business with full time jobs because you are told ‘it’s a five year plan to build a residual income’, but had no time for family. I’ve worked in real estate where the up-front commission was huge, but I was a slave to the office and weekend work.

The change has been incredible – like nothing I could have ever imagined.

Now, I have a complete lack of financial stress and an abundance of choice, ease and flow. I am able to live a life filled with CHOICE.

I decided to go to Bali next month, so I booked my now partner to come with me and hired a nanny for the kids, because I can!

I put in petrol when it’s still half full, not when I’m about to break down on the side of the road. If I don’t feel like cooking, we go out as a family of six to the local surf club and don’t think twice about the cost. I now work from a café across from the beach and with less hours than any profession or online business I’ve had before. This business is like colour by numbers, it is simple and step by step, but you still need to sharpen your pencil.

If you nodded, or your guts turned, or you teared up reading this, we've got your solution.



A coach, personal trainer and an ex-network marketer who was struggling to pay her bills, to now traveling the world and living life on her terms. “Online automation is one of the biggest gifts I have ever said yes to”.

I got so tired of the traditional network marketing hustle. For 4 years I took consistent action while also building my coaching business. I felt like I was getting no-where apart from deeper into my financial rut, shame and embarrassment.

Today - although I am extremely grateful for the success I have had in my coaching business so far, I also know and understand the importance of multiple streams of income. We should never solely rely on one source of income, that is just risky business!

After pursuing NWM as a 'side hustle' for years, I sent a prayer out to the universe...

  • I wish there was something out there that could generate true passive income with minimum time investment allowing me to live a life I love while helping others do the same.

So for 6 months I watched some of my friends talk about an online business platform. Soon they had most of our entrepreneur community interested and converted, and I knew there was something here for me to look at too.

They were having multiple 5 figure and 6 figure months online……..

... FROM AN ONLINE AUTOMATED PLATFORM. Yes, a huge part of the work is done for you! 🌟

The penny dropped when I saw the results they had.

My inner nudge kept doing somersaults until I listened. And I also knew that I would be able to help so many more people by being involved with a system like this.

Generating income doesn't have to be hard. And building you purpose based dream doesn't have to be financially stressful.

If you feel the pull to watch the same video, I would love to chat with you, message me or book your free call with me.

We can also meet up in Bangkok, online or somewhere else in the world😊