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Laser Focused Health & Nutrition (remote) Session

NEW: Laser Focused Health & Nutrition Session £85 ($110)
Includes tailored supplement plan

Prior to your 45-mins virtual appointment, you'll be asked to return a health questionnaire inclusive of a 3-5 day food diary. I'll advise on specific adjustments you could make to your diet & lifestyle to get closer to your goals. We'll also agree on the Top 3-5 things you could start/stop doing or do differently right away!
I'll then take extra time to tailor an initial supplement plan for you and email it to you after our appt.

The cost of this virtual session can be offset against any of my Virtual 1:1 Coaching programmes should you decide to invest further in your Health.

This is for you if:
- You want to learn how simple changes can make a difference and help you regain your vitality or optimise your health
- You want to know how your current diet & lifestyle impacts your health (and your family’s where applicable) but you are short on time or budget for 1:1 coaching.

This is NOT for you if:
- You are under medications as this would require a proper consultation and you investing in a pack of sessions with me / a programme for on-going monitoring.
- You believe you can fix your health or weight in a couple of sessions.

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Upon reception, you will be sent a link to schedule your appointment.

Should you wish to speak to me before end to check that this service is the most suited for your situation, please book a freee chat with me HERE

Can't wait to speak with you!

With Love,

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