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Massage Therapy In North London

Massage is a great way to support your training, helping to ease the tension in your muscles and improve mobility through your joints; It's also an effective treatment for work-related aches and pains and can help to reduce mental fatigue and stress.

Massage therapy uses a combination of techniques including gliding, kneading, rolling and friction that work to ease tension by breaking down the small fibres (‘knots’) that build up in the fascia during overuse or repetitive straining. Flowing strokes encourage improved blood circulation and the flushing out of toxins and also help to improve your overall sense of wellbeing.

Each massage treatment is specifically tailored to your individual requirements.


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Hot Stones

Deep Tissue, Sports / Therapeutic, Relaxing, Pregnancy, Indian Head massage

45 mins £50
60 mins £70 60 mins £60
90 mins £100 90 mins £85
120 mins £130 120 mins £110
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Treatment time: Your treatment time includes initial consultation or follow up consultation, hands-on massage, clothes changing time and after-care advice.
Cancellation Policy: Should you need to cancel or reschedule, we respectfully ask you to call, email or text more than 24 hrs before so that the slot can be re-allocated and clinic cancellation fee avoided. If the minimum 24 hrs period is not met, you forfeit the full amount - should you agree with the therapist to reschedule within that period, you may only be charged the clinic cancellation fee.