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Do you simply want to check you are on the right track with regard to healthy eating?
Have you been recently diagnosed with a health condition you'd like to address naturally?
Are you looking for expert coaching advice to lose weight heathily and stick to it?
Do you experience digestive discomfort or suspect you may have food intolerances?

Even Small changes can make a big difference to your weight, vitality and help you take control back on your health.

You don't have to start big and i'll support you every step of the way but just know one thing, if you really want to get sustainable results you need to invest in yourself and my Nutrition & Health coaching programmes are just tailored for this. If you are not so sure or don't have the finances yet, let's chat and see what first step you can take. Whilst one-off disjointed consultations are unlikely to help you achieve your goals and operate a long lasting shift, you could start with the Food Diary & Lifestyle Audit* or Initial Nutrition Consultation* below - this cost can then be offset against any of my Private One-to-One Programmes if you decide to sign up.
As I'm a BANT & CNHC registrered practitionner, you might be able to get your Private Medical Insurance to cover some of it. Payment plans are also available


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healthy eating habits london Being told what to eat/drink and explained why is one thing but knowing how to implement it in your day to day so that you stick with it in the long term is way different and this is what I love helping my clients with. Working with me over a few weeks and coaching you through step by step is what makes the real difference as it gives you customised tools, strategies and motivational support you need to stay focused and get the results YOU want. DISCOVER MORE HERE.

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- Initial consultation (£140 - deductible cost*)
Prior to your initial consultation, you will be asked to return a Health questionnaire inclusive of a 3 day food diary. This consultation is an opportunity for us to get to know one another and establish your health needs. This will involve going over your questionnaire, presenting symptoms in conjunction with a body systems review, medical and family history, nail & tongue analysis, dietary and lifestyle review. By the end, we will agree 1-3 small things you can start working on. I will then research your case to produce an individualised plan. We will go through Your Plan and Next steps during your follow up consultation.
- Follow up consultations (£115)
We will review how you've been doing since our first meeting and then go through your individualised diet & lifestyle plan. You will be provided with informative handouts & materials & healthy meal ideas/recipes to help you achieve the changes. A number of follow ups are necessary to assess your progress, sustain motivation & acountability, perform potential test(s) and act upon test results as well as fine-tune your plan. Please note that one-off sessions are unlikely to help you making sustainable changes hence why my most successful clients work with me for at least 3 months where I fully coach them.

  • FOOD DIARY & LIFESTYLE AUDIT (£75 - deductible cost*)

Prior to your 45-mins appointment, you will be asked to return a health questionnaire inclusive of a 3 day food diary. I'll advise on any adjustments you could make to your diet & lifestyle to improve your health. Please note you won't receive written notes however by the end of the session, I'll ask you to write down the key points so that you remember it better! We'll also agree on 1-2 small things you can start/stop doing right away!
Who is this for?
You want to learn how simple dietary changes can help you regain your vitality or optimise your health
You want to know how your current diet & lifestyle impacts your health but you are short on time or money for a full consultation or a programme.

Other Services

With its science based emphasis, NT supports the use of tests to identify potential nutritional, biochemical and metabolic imbalances underlying the client's signs & symptoms. Testing are not included in the consultation & programs fees however the cost for test results interpretation is. I work with different private labs depending on your testing requirements (Allergies, Food intolerances, Digestive function/Parasite /Candida, Hormonal Imbalance, Heavy metal toxicity, Genetic Testing, and so on).

Are you looking for a nutritionist to support you in setting up your Wellness Retreat Menu/Juice-smoothie bar/ Healthy restaurant menu/Nutritious children’s menu?
You knocked at the right door! Audrey can develop healthy and balanced food menu that suit all client specifications and customers food sensitivities. GET STARTED HERE.


To find out which service is right for you, and know more about what to do about the health & lifestyle issues you might be experiencing, apply for a FREE 30-mns Discovery Session with me. All you need to do is to fill in your details below and tell me a bit more about the issues you are currently experiencing, what you'd like to achieve, the level of support you think you need and anything else relevant you'd like to share at this stage. I'll revert within 24 hours. Speak very soon.
With Love,

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