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Top Tips To Survive The Christmas Party Season

​​​​​​​Here are my Top 20 tips & strategies to help keep you on track over the festive season without going up a dress size, feeling miserable with a negative mindset to kick off 2018!
It’s so easy to get carried away with alcohol, mince pies and boxes of chocolates around you and find excuses such as “oh well I am going to blow it anyway so it won’t make any difference if I pay attention to what I eat/drink. I’ll go for it and go slowly on track in January”. Well, first of all that’s not true – every little healthier choice you make can make a huge difference and help you to get back on track super quick! Whilst it’s great to indulge a bit and get festive you don’t want to end the year feeling miserable and guilty because you’ve put on weight, you’re exhausted, bloated and so on. THIS is the best cocktail to start 2017 with a negative mindset to kick off 2017. Self-sabotage!…
INSTEAD Imagine YOU have fun, enjoy yummy foods but still look & feel good in January: would you say NO???


1. Don’t diet & feel guilty – instead set a maintenance goal and make healthier choices. And if you overindulge, be gentle with yourself - just enjoy it, then get back on track slowly but surely!
2. Start theday with 500ml of -filtered–water(with some fresh lemon juiceideally)and 1.5/2L+ throughoutthe day
3. Drink a spoonful of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar 20mns before meals to support digestion (can be diluted in water and swallowed down). Get it with the mother.
4. Wait 20-Mns before dessert. This allows your ‘appestat’ (your internal appetite gauge) to kick in. Even better, go for a stroll after your main meal, then have your dessert afterwards, which also helps stabilise blood sugar levels. If you eat immediately after exercise your body burns it off faster.
5. Never start a party hungry or drink alcohol on empty stomach (pre-dinner drinks), always have a proteins &/or fats based snack before you get there or grab nibbles first..
6. For 1 glass of alcohol, drink 1 glass of water – alternate. You’ll do your liver and your waistline a huge favour (remember alcohol is converted to “bad sugar” by your liver which is then stored as fat……….. plus you won’t get a hangover!
7. Make better alcohol choices eg 1/red then 2/Dry white wine or Champagne with non-sugary mixers.
8. OR Offer to drive and stay off alcohol..
9. Watch your portion sizes!
10. Eat slowly (eg chew food about 25 times). It’ll make you feel full quicker, support digestion, reduce bloating & weight gain
11. Where possible stay away from pastry nibbles, breaded bites, cheese, milk chocolate, dried fruits, mince pies, instead go for raw / grilled, Turkey, Chestnuts, Butternut squash, steamed veggies, cranberry sauce, 2 vanilla ice cream (without chocolate sauce), cheese & oatcakes, nuts/seeds; crudités & dips (hummus, guacamole), smoked salmon pate & oatcakes, olives, dark chocolate. Check Xmas Recipes p2.
12. Drink fresh ginger /peppermint tea or lemon water to help it all go down and eliminate toxins (such as alcohol). It’ll also help your liver to do its job of metabolising carbs, proteins and fats properly!
13. Pile your plate with veggies (50%) BEFORE you add anything else.
14. Add fats or proteins to your treats to slow the release of glucose into the bloodstream and avoid the energy crash e.g. nuts (no more than a handful!)
15. Don’t stand near the nibbles, stand up, wearing fitted clothes can also be a helpful reminder
16. If this is a family event with kids, get stuck with them for a while – play, help them to unwrap/set up their xmas presents. If no kids, suggest a walk or get up to help the host -whatever makes you move out of this table and stretch!
17. If this is a work Xmas party in a restaurant, ask for the menu in advance so you decide what you’ll get before you get there. DO ask for alternatives (eg fries for veggies, French fries for sweet potato ones, dressing/sauce on the side, no bread & croutons with the soup…)
18. If you’re hosting or your parents, that’s easy you’ve got control so think festive nutrient density – Turkey, nuts&seeds bread, homemade Xmas protein balls, dark chocolate (truffles) & clementines, veggie soups..
19. If at all possible: don’t eat too close to bed time (aim for 12 hrs fasting) and buffer the carnage with fibres (veggies again!), water, moving and sleeping as much as you possibly can.
20. LAUGH & SMILE: best abs exercise & mood lifting ever!

Santa’s Super foods
Not all Christmas foods have to be laced with sugar, cream and brandy. There is plenty of healthy seasonal fayre on offer too. Here are some of the best of the season:
* Oranges, clementines and satsumas
* Nuts
* Turkey
* Brussel sprouts
* Kale
* Root vegetables
* Parsnip
* Pomegranate

Healthy Seasonal Treats
• Roasted vegetables – try roasting beetroot, parsnip, Brussel Sprouts and carrot with a little garlic, rosemary and olive oil
•Spicy Sweet Potato mash (add on some chili powder to taste)
•Kale chips
•Baked apples with cinnamon and hazelnuts
•Healthy winter slaw (recipe to follow)
•Braised red cabbage (recipe to follow)
•Big bowl of satsumas to share
•Hazelnuts, brazil nuts and walnuts – and a good pair of nutcrackers
•85% dark chocolate
•Chestnuts, Cranberry and Turkey are also Santa’s Super foods!